Notation & Terms

The notation on specific trade law

■Trade name:White Piano
■Operating officer:Kanako Takayanagi
■Location : 〒186-0001 1-1 Kita Kunitachi-shi Tokyo
■Business : Provision of counseling by telephone or interview
■Service rates: As shown for each item
■ How to apply: Reservation Application Form
■Payment method
▼ Counseling
Please pay in cash on the day of counseling
▼ Counseling
In the case of cancellation on the scheduled day, there will be a charge of ¥ 2000-. (except in special circumstances such as a typhoon or heavy snow)
If multiple sessions are cancelled in a row without notice, I may refuse to provide subsequent service.
The White Piano counseling office (the Company) will comply with the laws, regulations and other standards for the protecting personal information.
The personal information that we collect, is referred to as “all of the information that you provide to the company.” This information includes name(including its phonetic transcription), address, telephone number(including mobile phone and FAX ),e-mail address, mobile e-mail address, company or organization name, department name, job title, previous work location, other contacts, nickname, date of birth, gender, credit card information, etc.

■I(White Piano) may collect your personal information in the following cases:
When the information is needed in connection with the use of the service
When the information is provided by the inquiries customers
Volunteer Time Recruitment

▼ Use of personal information
Personal information that we at White Piano received from our customers, we will be used for the following purposes:
Performance of services provided by the Company
Responses to inquiries from customers

▼ Disclosure of personal information to third parties
As a rule, personal data on customers will not be disclosed to any third party. Possible exceptions include the following:
Disclosure destination, on specific disclosure information content, if there is a customer of the agreement
Cases in which I receive a formal request based from a public institution, such as a court or the police.

▼ Management and protection of personal information
I appropriately manage, the personal information that I collect and strive to prevent its loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage as well as unauthorized access to it.

▼ Disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information
I strive as far as possible to keep personal information accurate and up to date.
If you’d like to have your personal information disclosed to someone, corrected, or deleted, please contact me. Clear communication on these points is important for preventing leakage of personal information to third parties. I try as far as possible to confirm that the request das come from the customer.
In addition, in psychological counseling and therapy, I have a duty to protect privileged information as defined by law and to strictly observe the relevant rules.

▼ Revision of the privacy policy
I (White Piano) will continue to appropriately review and revise the privacy policy. I will promptly post the revise privacy on our website.

▼ Contact us
For inquiries about my privacy policy, please contact the following personnel from the contact page:
Website management company: White Piano
Contact: Kanako takayanagi

■acceptable use policy