Women from other countries

Language barrier,

写真 living in a foreign country where people can’t communicate in their own mother tongue, can make life very hard for them.

A friend of mine came from the Philippines as an engineer. It has been six years since she came to Japan, and now she is a mother of a 5-year-old child.

“The first year was the hardest time for me”, she said. She didn’t worry about raising children and socializing with neighbors, because she had a lot of Japanese friends. However, she found that the wall of words in Japanese companies was thick. She couldn’t work effectively enough because of miscommunications with her boss, and so she gradually lost her confidence.

“Once I wake up in the morning, I take a shower and get ready for work. But I started to feel increasingly stressed at the idea of going to work every day”, she remembered that she felt that way every day. Finally she was able to regain the vigor thanks to her husband’s cooperation.

It is very important to remain steadfast when dealing with someone who is in this state. In counseling, we aim to return your original self, even more so, we want you to live by your own values and achieve your goals.
So in addition to counseling, we form a community by casually chatting in Japanese. If you are suffering alone, please feel free to contact us.


Bitter memories

I was working as a mediator for foreign instructors and Japanese companies for three years. A man from the US who just graduated from graduate school had been appointed. Within less than 3 months, he started to be increasingly absent from work,and was unable to come to work at all.The young man who came to Japan in high spirits with a strong determination, finally went back to the United States within six months.

I could not do anything for him, and it has become one of my bitter memories.写真 (2)

At that time, I have never thought about mental problems such as depression, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder. It was not possible to imagine just how painful these things feel. Much less, I did not think I would be suffering from depression.

Had I been aware of this now,I would have tried to help him. I often find that the pain of depression, bitterness and anxiety can not be fully understood by society. After my own personal experience of getting over depression, I will help you return to your true self so that you can continue to enjoy life.


◆Counseling duration : 10:00~20:30

◆Counseling locations & days

   Kunitachi office : Monday & Tuesday

   Machida office : Wednesday to Sunday  * The location may change.

◆Counseling fee 

60 minutes ¥8,000
90 minutes ¥12,000

*If you cancel the reservation on that day, I’d like  you to pay 2000 yen.