《Content of counseling session》

Listening and the Shiina method

写真Lots of clients are convinced that they shouldn’t be alive because they think that people who are close to them will be burdened if they remain alive, or that their lives are worthless.

I think that all of my clients have something special, such as producing a smile that makes people calm, tenderness that feel for others, ways of thinking that fascinate people and a vitality that encourages people.

I listen to clients’ stories very carefully and accept them, and add one way of the Shiina Method. It not only removes troubles, but also makes my clients more lively.
Then my clients realize something and they recognize that their existence is precious. Clients who are wonderful by nature will make their lives fuller and brighter.


◆Counseling duration : 10:00~20:30

◆Counseling locations & days

Kunitachi office : Monday & Tuesday

Machida office : Wednesday to Sunday  * The venue may change.

◆Counseling  fee 

60 minutes ¥ 8,000  
90 minutes ¥ 12,000 

*If you cancel the reservation on that day, I’d like you to pay 2,000 yen.