My first couseling

My first counseling

I suffered from depression for nine years. I was scared and couldn’t go out for eight months. I was the most scared in the evening, and at night I had to wait for a long time in bed until I got sleepy. Although I recovered once, after a year and a half I suffered from depression again. For that time I was convinced that I was worthless and my suicidal thoughts became stronger. Then I had a counseling session at a clinic that my friend recommended to me. During the session I felt I was precious and wanted to hold myself. I saw a ray of light in my future and was hopeful of becoming a counselor. Then I started studying to become a counselor even though I was still fighting against depression.

My hobbies helped me

写真 (6)I really like knitting. I knitted seven sweaters during my last year of struggle against depression. I knitted, while watching DVDs of my favorite drama, CSI: Miami. I kept knitting from the morning until I went to bed. I didn’t stop knitting even though I had inflammation in my hands. I was unaware of anything except knitting and, CSI :Miami. I was satisfied but I came to think “I don’t like such a life anymore! I want to live perfectly.” Then I started doing house chores gradually and going out to meet my friends. I finally got out of depression. I am happy to have something I really like. Hobbies help us when we’re in tough situations.

Why not try casual counseling?

Now I work as a counselor at a clinic and also I present some lectures to students who desire to be counselors at Shiina Stress Care Institute. My clients, who have suffered from depression as serious as mine or more serious, have drastically recovered. I am amazed and deeply moved by that. By having experienced depression, I was able to know myself more and came to find others’ pain. Now I enjoy myself every day. When I wake up in the morning, I think of what I’m going to do that day and I’m excited. If you have a mental problem, I strongly suggest you have a counseling session right away. Even if you do not have a serious problem, it will become a chance to live better life.