Fes-0009bruary, 2013
Psychological counselor, authorized by the Japan Psychological association

September, 2013
Machida Magokoro Clinic:  Psychological Counselor
Shiina Stress- Care Institute:
 Psychological Counselor
Lecturer in thePsychological Counselor Training Course

Hobbies: knitting, singing and watching movies
Motto: “When I wonder whether I should go or not, I go”
Movie: *The Pursuit of Happiness*
Novel:* One Day That Is Longer Than One Century*

I was born in Aomori in 1961. I came to Tokyo for college and majored in English Literature. After my graduation I got married and had a baby girl. I’ve been teaching English to children for 15 years, including a period of teaching at the YMCA.

I developed depression at the age of 42, and the condition recurred periodically over the next nine years. When I was 50 years old I had a counseling session for the first time in my life and saw a ray of light in my future.

Then I found the Shiina Stress-Care Institute and started learning how to fight depression, and later I became a psychological counselor. My specialty is counseling depressed people, and I limit my treatment to female foreign students and the wives and employees posted in Japan.

The Languages that I use are English and Japanese.