The three days I spent with my mother

写真 (32)My daughter and I went back to my hometown, Aomori two weeks ago and met my mother. She has dementia and lives in a group home. Postcards and pictures which I sent to her are displayed in her room. My sister told me that Mama sometimes asked her who this is while pointing at the pictures. To my delight she remembered me, but seemed not to remember my daughter, her ground daughter.

I presented her several Otedamas which I made and she was pleased with them. She carried them in her bag while I was with her.

She usually doesn’t go out but she went for a drive to Horozuki on the Tsugaru-peninsula with us. That place is where we had lived for many years. She ate a delicious raw oyster locally produced at a small restaurant near the sea. Next day we went to Asamushi Onsen. We took a bath and I washed my mother’s body for the first time in 30 years. After that we enjoyed dinner. My mother only said, “I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything” and hardly changed her facial expression during this trip. But at this time she laughed aloud.

Next day we drove her back to her place. And my daughter and I said to her, “We are going back to Tokyo. Take care. Good bye.” She shed a tear but we had to leave for Aomori station.写真 (31)

I often remember the three days I spent with my mother. I hope that she enjoys playing Otedamas with her friends and home staff. And I think I will knit a cardigan for her next time and send something delicious to my sister, because she takes care of our mother. Anyway I strongly hope that my mother live happily day by day!