There were people who decided to fly in the sky・・・

He is a sincere, 35- year-old friendly man. He had studied psychology in a university in Australia for six years and became a clinical psychologist. After his graduation he studied more and now he works as a hypnotherapist. He made time for me before he returned to Australia

At my boss’s suggestion, I met up with a very nice man the other day. I talked with him for two hours, and really enjoyed it. Even though we’d never met before,I told him,“My dream is to have a counseling office in Miami!” And he replied,“It’s wonderful and very clear. I feel your passion in your way of speaking.”写真 (38)
I majored in English literature at college, not psychology. At age 50 I took a counselor training course for one year at a private school, Shiina Stress-Care Institute. And I have worked at a clinic as a counselor for a year and a half. I am so happy to see my clients getting better.

He said, “ There were people who decided to fly in the sky. That’s why we can fly.” And he added, “Please tell people about your dream with confidence!”

I will keep doing that and thinking of visiting Miami in the near future. I am very excited!