New Year’s Resolution in 2015

I jotted down my new year’s resolutions in my head on a paper. There are 32 items and I added deadlines to each that needs one. It made my 写真 (17)thought organized.

Needless to say, I want to study about counseling, to read many books and to have opportunities to speak English and so on, but I’m going to cherish my mother in Aomori in particular. I decided to go back to Aomori to smile at her twice a year and write her every month.

My mother, 81 years old, got dementia 7 years ago and now she is in a group home. My elder sister says that our mother cries whenever she visits her. When I heard that my mother got dementia I went to back to Aomori and meet her. I strongly regret that I could not accept her situation and was not considerate to her. If I go back to Aomori and see her, and say to her that now I am trying hard for people who are suffered from metal problem as a counselor, I’m not sure if she understand it. To begin with she may not recognize me. But I want my mother make smile.

People tend to forget the most important persons or things because of business. I always want to feel my mother’s affection to me. I am here because of her. I make the year of 2015 “Thank for Mother”